About Us

Green Knight Financial Services is the product of two old friends and ex-colleagues who decided to combine their 60 years’ worth of experience and branch out on their own. The company came about as a result of all the misgivings they each had about the financial services industry and what it had become, and it stands as testament that there are people in the investment world who still hold true to the old values of fiduciary responsibility, client service and customer care; this is a company which truly wants to help their clients.

Michael Green and Jeremy Knight first met when they were each starting their own journey in the investment world over 30 years ago as interns at Morgan Stanley in New York. They rose to the role of Financial Advisor and worked alongside each other for a couple of years before each starting their own peripatetic journey in the business, working for some of the most prestigious companies in the USA, before then each branching out as independent consultants.

In 2005, Jeremy was invited to speak at an investor’s forum in North Dakota, where he bumped into his old friend Michael Green, who had just moved into the area. A chance conversation turned into a solid proposal for a partnership, with a shared pledge to take the most important aspect of being an independent advisor, namely that of having strong and personal relationships with the client, and building a firm around it.

This is an independent company with no funding or investment from outside sources and, as such, it grew slowly from humble beginnings, starting with a small office of just 20 employees. We are proud to be able to say that we are now one of America’s most prestigious boutique wealth management companies, and we are proud to be able to look back on our achievements and the relationships we have built with our customers.

We’re proud of our history and we look forward to the future.