Why Choose Us

The investment world is full of wealth management companies which claim expertise and to be able to help you fulfill your financial objectives, and which allege to have their clients’ best interests at heart. Unfortunately, the financial world is full of inexperienced professionals who do not have the required knowledge, and self-serving consultants who will push clients into investments which serve their own purposes.

Here at Green Knight we take our duty to serve our clients, rather than the other way round, very seriously and we have a firm belief in our fiduciary responsibility and an obligation to be completely transparent with our clients. Furthermore, we take great pleasure in helping new clients recover stolen monies which have been embezzled from them by fraudulent means, or which they have lost through irresponsible brokerage actions.

We are not a specialist wealth management firm but, rather, we employ people who specialize in different areas of the financial services spectrum. However, we do not pass clients around from one advisor to the other, but your personal consultant will take it upon himself to liaise with every department in order to be able to offer you a comprehensive service; each client only deals with one advisor, resulting in strong client-advisor relationships.

There are many wealth management firms and financial advisors  competing for investors, and many people find it hard to choose between them all. We are a small firm which has grown very quickly due to the personal recommendations of our clients. Our success lies in the fact that we truly care, and that we have a passion for investment innovation and a deep-rooted belief in diversification.

We are special. Come and find out for yourselves.